Leader: Seeking a New Leader

An important ministry in our worship are acolytes.  These are generally young people in grades 3-12.  We utilize four acolytes each Sunday.  Training is given.  If you are interested in being an acolyte please let the Rector know.

Atlar Guild

Leader: Joann Hutchison

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<p>Leader: Joan Munyon</p>

<p>The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) meet on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. to share fellowship and to support church work.  Activities have included bus trips, a variety of guest speakers and programs and fund-raising events.  The ECW has long sponsored an annual luncheon and Bingo party for members of the Cedars Boarding Home in Deptford and sponsors outreach projects such as Blanket Sunday, United Thank Offering (UTO), and Tools for Hope.  Among the more popular fund-raising events is the annual Election Day vegetable soup sale.  Money raised is used to provide scholarships for youth activities and also to help with projects around the church.  All women in the church are invited to participate in the organization. </p>


Leader: Seeking a New Leader

The Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) at Holy Trinity, is open to young people in grades 6-12. The group meets informally for social activities throughout the year. Members also participate in regional and diocesan programs as announced. All young people are invited to attend any of the programs offered.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Leader: Melissa Semmes-Thorne

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) assist with the celebration of the Eucharist and particularly with serving the chalice at the altar rail. They also lead the psalms, read the second lesson and lead the prayers during services.  LEMs are trained by the minister, and participate in bi-monthly lector team meetings, to assist in reading scripture more effectively.

Lector Team

Leader: Melissa Semmes-Thorne

Holy Trinity utilizes both adult and youth lectors to read the lessons and lead the psalms during services.  The time commitment is minimal, but readers get both assistance and input. 

Every other month a team of adult readers and Eucharistic ministers get together with the minister and lector leader to schedule readers for the upcoming month. They then read through and discuss all of the readings for the month.  This meeting seldom lasts more than an hour, but it results in confident and relaxed readers, and Sunday morning lessons which are articulate and understandable.  The youth readers also read in teams, but their teams tend to work together on the same readings, making the readings easier for younger readers, while also giving them added support until they are old (and experienced) enough to handle a reading on their own.

 If you or your kids are interested in being a lector, please contact Melissa Semmes-Thorne.

Men's Breakfast Group

Leaders: Gary Henderson / Paul Eldridge

The men of the church (along with sons and daughters) meet between the two Sunday services on the first Sunday of each month (except during the summer). In addition to socializing, the group is able to apply modest profits towards a variety of church projects and programs. Volunteers cook on a rotating basis and attendees are not required to spend time in the kitchen. The cost is a modest $5.00 for adults. On the first Sunday in May, the group sponsors the all-church breakfast/brunch.



Director of Music - Margie MacWilliams

Joyful Noise Choir
Joyful Noise Choir is for children’s ages 3-7. This choir sings every other month. It is a fun introduction to singing.They rehearse Sunday mornings at 9:00

Junior Choir
The Jr. Choir (ages 8-18) sings every month on the first Sunday. They rehearse on Thursday Evenings beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Children's Bell Choir
The Children's Bell Choir is primarily for children ages 8-18. This choir performs a number of times during the year either as a prelude to the service or as part of the offertory. It rehearses Sundays after the 10:00 service.

Adult Choir
The Adult Choir (ages 18-Adult), rehearses on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. They are always looking for additional voices to join in. If you can not commit to singing every Sunday, but would still like to add your voice, consider joining us for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.


Coordinator: Seeking a New Leader

Holy Trinity is continually seeking ways to provide help to those in need both inside and outside of the church. We support Kitchen of Hope Food Pantry with food donations and volunteer hours monthly. We are also an active member of the IHN network, a ministry to homeless families in Gloucester County. We believe that Christ calls all of us to serve others, and we are always seeking new ways to minister in His name.

Our church facility also serves as a meeting place for the A.A. as well as for local scout organizations, Literacy Volunteers, and other organizations. We also welcome other groups in need of accommodations.

As a big extended family, we welcome opportunities to comfort and support those within the church that need our help as well. A group of “compassionate inreachers” was formed to provide dinners on a short-term basis for those who were incapacitated. Lists of the sick published in church bulletins alert us about those who need our prayers, cards, and calls. In addition, a group of parishioners has recently established a prayer chain.

Sunday School Teachers

Superitendent: Susan Cassidy Coming Soon...

The Vestry

The Vestry is a board of eight elected parishioners, comprised of six members and two wardens, who are responsible for making decisions concerning the business and budget of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Vestry members are elected to a three year term. Each year, as the the two senior members who have completed their term roll off, two new members are nominated and elected to replace them at the Annual meeting. The Vestry is led by two Wardens who are also elected but only serve a two year term. A new Warden is nominated and elected every year at the Annual meeting. The rector chairs the Vestry meetings and also serves as voting member of the vestry.

In addition, there are two non voting positions on the Vestry, the Accounting Warden/Treasurer and recording secretary (or scribe). These positions are filled by nomination and election by the Vestry. There are no term limits on these positions and they serve at the pleasure of the Vestry.  

The Vestry meets the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall. Members of the congregation are welcome to attend the meetings.