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A Letter from Father Ed

June 8, 2015

Dear Friends:

Twenty years ago Holy Trinity was in the midst of a search for its fourth vicar. As we know that search culminated in my accepting the call to be your new priest and pastor. 

This is probably one of the hardest letters I will ever have to write as I have to inform you that I have accepted a call to be the next rector of St. Luke’s in Metuchen, (yes that Metuchen). Having served you as pastor for nineteen years, you must know what a difficult decision this was for Gail and me. We have grown to love all of you and have come to truly cherish our time here. Wenonah was a great town in which to raise our children. In the back of my mind I promised myself that once Michael had begun high school I would stay put until Peter graduated, an event which took place in June of 2014. Now is a good time my life to be open to new challenges. I also believe that this is a good time for Holy Trinity to begin a new chapter in its history with a new set of “eyes and ears.”

You are a truly great congregation. We have accomplished much together. You have loved and embraced me as your pastor and Holy Trinity will always be the church that nurtured my children in the Christian faith. You have responded to my ministry in every way. I could not have asked for more. Although I am accepting another challenge, you will always be a part of my life, and I will always cherish every thought of my time and ministry with you. I can’t possibly thank you enough for all that you have meant to me as a priest and to my family as well.

I know that God has already called your next Rector and in the coming months you and that priest will discern that call as well. I know this place to be the kind of church any priest would be blessed to be called to. That priest will take up the reins here and that you will love and support him/her just as you have me. A new pastor will bring you new ideas and new perspectives, and you will find blessings in what he/she brings.

My last Sunday with you will be July 26. During my final weeks here, I will want to share as much time with you as possible. The Wardens are also writing to you with plans to celebrate our time together. While bringing closure to my ministry here will be difficult, I know I am surrounded by your love and prayers in this time of transition. Please know how very fortunate I feel to have shared my life and ministry with you. May God bless you and bless this church as you move forward to the next exciting chapter in this piece of God’s kingdom.

In Christ’s service,

Fr. Ed+